MMMX., pronounced “mem ex dot cloud” is my semi-public memex. It includes things I think are worth remembering, brain mulch, mind things, collections, and various notes. I try to put things on here that would be interesting to other people, but no promises. 💙 Ním


There are a few types of things on here:

  • Galleries, which are collections of media
  • Media, which are descriptive pages for a single piece of media, like an image or an audio track
  • Notes, which can be kinda anything they want

The things here tend to fall into categories. Here’s a current list:

You can browse by tag too:


It’s always growing, but in all directions at once. My soon to launch newsletter, Big Table, ~features~ will feature recent highlights. I have a few RSS feeds you can follow:


This page is a collection of notes related to this site or memexes in general, so if you’re still curious, there’s more to read below and when I add something else relevant it’ll show up here too.

July 19, 2024
July 19, 2024
July 19, 2024
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